The first step of the application process is for you to learn more about The Academy through our admissions events. 报名参加学术开放日, 与校长的对话, 艺术系开放日, 和更多的.

More information about 影子天 and other types of visits is at the bottom of the page.




大发彩票平台登录 hosts a number of different admissions events throughout the fall and spring. Use the menus below to first choose what type of open house you would like to register for.

These admissions events are designed for students currently in the 7th and 8th grades. 然而, existing high school students who may be looking to transfer are more than welcome to register. 大发彩票平台每个招生活动的更多信息如下.

学院开放日的学者 是了解我们学术课程的好方法吗. 与校长的对话 are informative sessions about our educational philosophy and culture. 最后, 艺术系开放日 会告诉你我们具体的艺术学科吗.

如果您想注册多个招生活动, simply indicate that you would like to sign up for another event as prompted below.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the 招生 Office at 312.421.0202或发邮件至

Please contact the Amanda LePard in the 招生 Office directly to schedule a visit. 

Walk-in visitors must schedule a time to visit prior to coming to the school.

大发彩票平台登录 is pleased to invite parents to a conversation with Academy 校长 杰森插座 to learn more about The Academy's educational philosophy. There will also be an opportunity to hear more about our admissions process from Director of Enrollment Management Amanda LePard

大发彩票平台登录 is pleased to invite interested families to visit and learn more about 学者 at The Academy. Families will participate in a schedule of five academic classes to explore each of our core subject areas. Each class will be a unique look into our curriculum and direct access to our award-winning faculty. 活动将于下午五点半准时开始.m. 7点45分结束.m.



影子日是招生过程的重要组成部分. They allow prospective students to see firsthand what it is like to attend The Academy. They also allow Academy faculty to assess whether or not a prospective student is a good fit for our school. 点击这里阅读更多大发彩票平台影子日的信息.